Audi Q8 gives buyers a wide choice of engines and electric motors

Audi Q8 – Recently the government has rammed through legislation on what choice of cars we as consumers have.

Audi Q8 Collage

It’s called the NVES – New Vehicle Emissions Standards. Essentially the government is trying to force consumers to but electric cars. No matter what they say, that’s their plan and that’s daft. We want to choose the style of car that suits our needs.

An example of how a manufacturer can provide that choice is the Audi Q8. This is a large premium SUV that has embraced a wide spectrum of engine choices.

There is a choice of two body styles, the SUV and Stylish Sportback.

Depending on what model you choose there is either a 6-cylinder petrol or diesel engine. A V8 TFSI petrol engine in the SQ8 or RSQ8 with different tune specifications and mild hybrid technology. There is a Plug in Hybrid version and fully electric choices in both normal and sport tune.

Personally, the Audi Q8 is a favourite of mine, and I have driven all these choices.

Australian consumers want choice. The Government is trying to force us to buy a particular vehicle that doesn’t do what we need.

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