Toyota RAV4 Hybrid driven for 2024

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid road test review

RAV4 Hybrid – Toyota has had amazing success with their hybrid models. None more so than the RAV 4 Hybrids. Here is a small to medium sized SUV that comes in five model grades and both front wheel and all wheel drive.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive Front quarter 1 I recently drove the front wheel drive GXL and models which is the second entry level model.

It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles like the Edge does, or in fact the Cruiser RAV4, but its comfortable, spacious and comes with the full suite of Toyota safety features.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive engine 1

At the heart of the RAV4 Hybrids is the 2.5L petrol engine with Hybrid technology. This is the same engine that is in the Camry Hybrid. The RAV4 GXL is front wheel drive and comes with a relatively smooth CVT.

Its powerful enough, smooth to drive and has exceptional economy. That’s why they are so popular. I got a bit over 5.0L /100km.

Unlike the Camry, you can still order a hybrid RAV4, but the wait time will be extensive depending on what model you choose.

Inside, ITS reasonably spacious and well laid out. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the central screen sticking up as it does, but not works well enough.

Rear seats are spacious for the size of vehicle and boot space is practical.

The reason the RAV4 hybrid is so popular is because they are good. And it’s a Toyota which Australians seem to love.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive interior front 1


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive engine hybrid system

What is good?

  • Fuel economy.
  • Simple and easy to drive.
  • Comfortable inside

What is not so good?

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive EV Mode and drive modes 1

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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive profile 1

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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL front wheel drive rear quarter 1

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