Best of 2023 – Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid HEV Review

We drive the Haval H6 HEV SUV

Haval H6 Ultra hybrid  – Last week I drove the Haval H6 Ultra hybrid SUV. It left me with definite mixed reactions.

2023 Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid HEV front qtr 1 The H6 is quite stylish, has plenty of room inside and packed with luxury and safety features. Its also stunning value at around $45,000 drive away.

The front seats are comfortable as well as heated. They provide enough room for my tall frame with space behind for most people. There is plenty of head room and an overall feeling of space inside.

There is an abundance of storage areas, including a clever tray under the central transmission area.

Performance from the 1.5L turbo hybrid motor is spritely, and economy is excellent at around 6.8l/100k over the full weeks driving.

The clarity and resolution of the huge central screen could well be best in class.

However frustrating features are the little things. Like sometimes the touch sensitivity of the central screen requires a couple of touches to work. The voice recognition for Apple CarPlay is simply poor.

Safety features are overly intrusive, like sensing a stopped car in the pull off bay on the freeway and suddenly braking from 110kmh on cruise control for no reason. The car behind wasn’t appreciative. The H6 has all the safety, they just need work to make them less intrusive.

Overall it’s a balance. Stylish design, ample interior space, lots of features but some user interface issues that are quite frustrating.

Time will sort these I feel.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

2023 Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid profile 1


2023 Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid HEV central screen 2

What is good?

  • Interior space
  • Hybrid economy
  • Value for money

What is not so good?

  • Intrusive and poorly calibrated safety features
  • User interface for touch screen
  • Big jump in price from next model

2023 Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid HEV engine

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2023 Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid HEV Rear 1

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