Charging an EV- Are there problems

Charging an EV – There has been a lot of media about electric cars lately. We have reviewed a lot of them and My view is that they have a place for people that have a needed.


However, what the biased media won’t tell you is some associated problems.

Let’s chat about an EV we had recently.

It is a beautiful car, comfortable, luxurious, and perfect for inner city driving with a small battery and range.

So, when it came time to charge I went to plug it in at home and then realised that it only came with a mode 3 charger, not a 240V plug. That is an optional extra.

I almost always charge them at home as its convenient.

After searching for a charger close to home I found that of the 5 charging bays within a 10km radius 3 were out of order. 2 were in use for over an hour. So, looking out to 15km from home I found one that was working, in a underground car park with no internet reception. The closest fast charger is 20 mins drive away.

After waiting for another hour, I finally got plugged in. As I’m writing this it’s been an hour and a half and I’ve added some 70km to the range.

I checked the first two chargers I went to, and they have been occupied for 2hrs now. I could have been waiting that long.

As a side point, I could have filled a petrol car in 5 minutes and been on my way for another 500-600kms.

So electric cars may have a place and a number of redeeming qualities, but convenience isn’t one of them

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser


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