VW Touareg R PHEV SUV 2024

VW Touareg R PHEV SUV – Volkswagen has just released the Touareg R at a stunning price f just under $130,000 plus the usual costs.

Touareg R

The Touareg comes in one highly specified PHEV version with the only option being a choice of colours.

The Touareg R combines a V6 turbocharged 3.0L petrol engine with a 100kW electric motor for a maximum system power of 340kW plus maximum torque of 700Nm. The R version comes with an 8 Sp automatic transmission and 4MOTION drive train. This is good for a 0-100km/h time of 5.1 seconds.

Maximum electric only range is around 50km, so its ideal for daily city driving. Once the EV range is exhausted the Touareg R operates as a normal e-hybrid with excellent economy.

Both a Mode 2 charging cable (Type 2 to Australian powerpoint) and Mode 3 charging cable (Type 2 to Type 2) are standard, providing at-home and on-road charging flexibility.

As you would expect the Touareg R PHEV comes with almost everything VW can put in there including night vision, wireless smartphone connectivity and charging and matrix headlights.

The VW Touareg is a favourite large SUV of mine, winning multiple OzRoamer SUV COTY awards in the past. Considering it shares many component with the Porsche Cayenne one must question why buy a Porsche when you can get similar for half price. You can buy another car as well.

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Touareg R


Touareg R – is approved for sale in Australia and is scheduled to arrive toward the end of 2022.

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