Toyota Camry Hybrid SL Sedan 2024 review

Camry Hybrid – This week I’m chatting about  a vehicle that is so popular that you can’t actually buy one at the moment.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 front quarter 1 Toyota has put a pause on taking orders for the time being as global demand is so great they are having trouble keeping up in the post Covid world.

The demand is so great because the vehicle is so good.

First up it looks pretty good. It’s a conservative design, that seems to work.

Inside the SL Camry is packed with little comfort and luxury features like heated and cooled front seats, Panoramic glass roof and power adjustment for both front seats and a memory function for the driver’s seat.

But the story is all about the hybrid engine. The Camry is perhaps the best advertisement for petrol hybrid technology you can get.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 engine 1

The 2.5 litre petrol engine with hybrid technology cones with a CVT and front wheel drive.

Around town the economy is outstanding. It claims 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres. And we were getting close to that.

The benefits are obvious. The hybrid uses less resources to make the batteries, has lower driving emissions and zero range anxiety. You can simply take five-minutes and fill up and be on your way again for another 1,000 plus kilometres.

It is feeling a little dated inside now and could do with a revamp, but who knows when that will happen.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Brianna Fraser

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 interior front 1


Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 Reverse camera 1

What is good?

  • Fuel economy.
  • Simple and easy to drive.
  • Comfortable inside

What is not so good?

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 profile 1

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Instead of the Toyota Camry Hybrid buyers could also Look At

Hybrid sedans are few and far between and the Camry dominates the segment.

Buyers could look at Peugeot 508 GT PHEV, Honda Civic Hybrid,  Peugeot 408 PHEV. Hyundai I30 Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL 2024 Rear 1

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