We drive the Toyota Camry Hybrid SL

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2023 road test review

Camry Hybrid SL – With the continued surge in SUV sales one vehicle stands out against the trend. That’s the Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL front bonnet and grill 1 I drove the SL model last week, and even though I also like my SUV’s I have to say I really enjoyed the Camry.

The current model has been around for a while now and is starting to show its age a bit. However, it’s one of those cars that make you feel at home as soon as you sit in it.

Camry Hybrid is quiet and smooth to drive, comfortable to sit in and easy to live with.

Of course, the SL models comes well equipped with little luxuries like heated and cooled front seats, panoramic view monitor and roof and a heads-up display.

The main reason for the Camry popularity is the 2.5L petrol hybrid engine and its stunning fuel economy. It comes with front wheel drive and a simple 6 step CVT.

I had a mix of lots of city driving and motorway cruising and my overall economy figure was 5.5L/100k.  I could easily see myself getting over a thousand kilometres out of a tank of fuel.

So, it has reduced driving emissions and zero range anxiety.

The problem is that the Camry Hybrid is so popular that there currently is a pause on orders. This is due to global supply issues for little things like semi-conductors.

Funny how the little things can cause such big delays.

Overall, the Camry Hybrid stands firm against the continued swing to SUV’s.

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I’m Brianna Fraser


Toyota Camry Hybrid SL front dash 1

More Camry Hybrid SL Thoughts

  • Even though the design has been around for a while it still looks good.
  • The Camry SL comes packed with a heap of features for the price.
  • Inside the front seats are comfortable and supportive
  • Heated and cooled for comfort.
  • Central screen is small by today’s standards.
  • Apple CarPlay is great, but the screen functionality needs some work.
  • Rear seats are a little flat and tight for leg room.
  • Boot is long, not very deep and has a small opening.
  • Engine is smooth and economical.
  • It really doesn’t matter how you drive it; it never seems to get above 5.5l/100k.
  • No inconvenience waiting for a charger when on a trip, no range anxiety
  • Its easy to drive but the front wheel drive can be a but slippery in the wet.
  • One thing that caught me by surprise is how low the front is. IT scraped over driveways and speed bumps. They required a level of caution that would prove annoying over a longer time.
  • If I was brand conscious, I would feel like I was driving a taxi.
  • Can’t order one now. Have to wait for the new model.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL engine

What is good?

  • Awesome fuel economy
  • Interior comfort and driving position.
  • Value for money

What is not so good?

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL reverse camera

Also look at.

Sedans are a dwindling market unfortunately. The segment is dominated by the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Other choices include, Mazda6 Atenza,  Honda Civic HEV LX,  Hyundai SonataCitroen C5-XPeugeot 508 GTGenesis G70, or the Audi A4.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid SL profile 1

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL final thoughts

Camry is really starting to show its age, but its aged well in some areas not so much in others.

It’s a victim of its own popularity. The demand is so great that supply has been suspended currently because of component parts supply issues.

There is a reason the Camry Hybrid is popular. Its good value, genuinely economical, and comfortable to drive.

Pity it doesn’t come in an AWD wagon version.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SL rear

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