Honda Accord is returning to Australia in 2024

Honda Accord – Honda has announced that it is bringing the 11th generation Accord to Australia in late 2024. First launched in Australia in 1977 the Honda Accord nameplate has won numerous Australian awards.


This is good news as the Accord has been a popular model over the years.

The other good news is that it is coming with a hybrid engine only.

Honda was one of the pioneers of hybrid technology along with Toyota, but it fell by the side of the road for a few years.

They are now back with enthusiasm. I recently drove the HRV Hybrid and were impressed.

All-new Accord features the latest Fourth-Generation two-motor hybrid system, first released in the New CR-V e:HEV RS.

This new Fourth Generation system includes a newly refined 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine, now with direct fuel injection. Mated to a pair of larger and more powerful electric motors which are now mounted side-by-side.

The new model is longer, sleeker and more luxurious than before.

In a world that is all about SUVs and talking about EVs, having hybrid sedans as a buyer choice is a good thing. Just ask Toyota with their Camry Hybrid.

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Readers can find more details about the Honda Accord HERE


11th generation Honda Accord

Quick Highlights

  • Honda has announced The all-new eleventh generation Honda Accord for the Australian Market
  • A welcomed arrival, celebrating a rich heritage of the Accord nameplate in Australia
  • Available in e:HEV, featuring the latest Fourth-Generation two-motor hybrid system
  • The all-new eleventh generation Accord encompasses ‘Sporty Sophistication’ featuring high-quality materials and upscale touches
  • The all-new Honda Accord now comes with Google built-in, marking an Australian first for Honda
  • Customers will have a choice of four colours, including Platinum White, Lunar Silver, Meteoroid Grey and Crystal Black

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