We drive the Audi Q8 50 e-tron SUV

Is the new Audi Q8 50 e-tron SUV any good

Audi Q8 50 e-tron – Audi recently added another model variant to its extensive range with the introduction of the new model. 

Audi Q8 50 e-tron front grill and bonnet 1 Even though it’s the entry level for the  models it comes with all the Audi luxury and safety you would expect.

Inside its spacious, comfortable and especially quiet.

Q8 50 e-tron comes with a 95-kWh battery pack that fuels two electric motors—one on each axle. These deliver a combined peak output of 250 kW and torque of 664 Nm.

This powertrain propels the Q8  from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds and just 6.0 seconds in boost mode. That’s not a sports SUV, but it’s still dam quick. Top speed is capped at 200km/h.

What is impressive is the way it drives. Instant torque and responsiveness at any speed.

For a large and heavy SUV, its nimbleness and responsiveness is engaging. The Q8 SUV benefits from an improved steering ratio, which promotes more direct responsiveness to driver direction. It definitely feels lighter at speed.

The new SUV benefits from a combination of its sophisticated suspension system, precise steering, and the all-wheel drive with quattro.

It displays a level of ride and handling that is quiet, smooth, and predictable.

The latest Audi is priced from $140,600 plus the usual costs

This is a Motoring Minute

Im Rob Fraser

Audi Q8 50 e-tron front interior 1

Readers can find more details about the Audi Q8 50 e-tron  HERE 


Motoring Minute Video

Audi Q8 50 e-tron collage dimensions

What is good?

  • Engaging to drive- smooth ride and handling
  • Another choice for the range
  • Premium interior ambience

What is not so good?

Audi Q8 50 e-tron profile 1

Instead of the Audi Q8 50 e-tron buyers could look at:

Large electric SUVs are becoming popular.

Buyers could look at the: KIA EV9, Genesis GV70 EV, Mercedes Benz EQE, LDV Mifa9 or Volvo EX 90

Audi Q8 50 e-tron rear driving 1

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