Nissan Warrior by Premcar drive day

Are the Nissan Warrior 4WDs any good

Nissan Warrior – I recently went on a drive day for the Nissan Warrior vehicles. These 4WDs are reengineered by Premcar in Victoria.

2024 Nissan Warrior Range

There are three 4WDs in the series. The Navara SL Warrior, which is aimed more at the work Ute market and rugged off-road work.

The Navara Pro 4X Warrior, which is the upmarket dual Cab Ute with lots of bells and whistles.

Finally, there is the Patrol Warrior. This is based on the Ti version with lots of additional features.

What Premcar do, and its quite clever, is they take the existing vehicle and add capability for both on road and off-road situations.

That’s difficult, as mostly to improve one, the other suffers. And it’s usually the on-road ride and handling that suffers. Not so with the Warrior series by Premcar.

I toured their facilities in Epping Victoria, and they were first class. Spotlessly clean, efficient and they take their obligations to their workers above and beyond.

The key to the Warrior vehicles isn’t so much what they do, more how effortlessly and composed they do it.

They are definitely worth a drive

This is a Motoring Minute’

I’m Rob Fraser

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