Premcar re-manufacturers 5000 Nissan Warriors

Premcar – Australia once had a thriving and proud local automotive manufacturing industry. Over the years it has been destroyed by government ineptitude.

Premcar Nissan Warrior 5000 built

However, in its place a buoyant secondary manufacturing and engineering industry has evolved.

One such group is Premcar in Victoria, which evolved from Tickford Vehicle Engineering.

Premcar has a strong relationship with Nissan and produces their Warrior series of Utes and soon 4WDs.

They have just celebrated the 5,000th Warrior that has rolled off the assembly line.

The Warrior is an enhanced model that has integrated improvements with Australian-designed-and-engineered components, to suit Australian conditions. It started with the N-Trek Warrior, then the Pro 4X Warrior, the SL Warrior and soon the Patrol Warrior.

The advantage of a relationship like this is local manufacturing and engineering knowledge combined with manufacturer warranty and backing.

Having driven both the Pro 4X Warrior and SL Warrior, I can attest to the quality and practicality of the enhancements.

Interested buyers can access any Nissan Warrior by Premcar through your local Nissan Dealership.

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Premcar Nissan Warrior 5000 built

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