Best of 2023 – Subaru Outback XT Sport Review

Is the Subaru Outback any good for towing

Subaru Outback XT Sport – Over the last few months, we have driven the new Outback XT a few times, mainly the Touring model but last week we took the Sport version for an extended drive.

Subaru Outback XT Sport front exterior quarter 2

We drove the Sport over 1700km for the two weeks we had it. This included long distance cruising, lots of dirt roads, a bit of icy conditions and pottering around town.

We also took the Sport to the farm and drove around there for a few days.

It was cold out there, around 2 degrees, so the toasty seat warmers were appreciated. The full-time symmetrical AWD and X Mode ensured that the XT Sport handled the dirt roads, icy tar roads and around farm driving with ease.

On a particularly long stretch, I was in the car driving for seven hours and the cabin ergonomics and comfortable seats meant that I was relaxed and not tired when I arrived.

The more powerful engine in the XT responds beautifully to all situations. Economy was around 8.8L/100k for the time we had the vehicle.

The Outback XT Sport may miss out on a few cosmetic features of the Touring Model like sunroof and memory front seats but is well equipped and priced from $52,190 plus the usual costs its outstanding value.

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I’m Rob Fraser

Subaru Outback XT Sport interior front 1

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Subaru Outback XT Sport engine

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