We drive the Nissan QASHQAI e-POWER TI for 2024

QASHQAI e-POWER Ti – Nissan updated their smaller SUV earlier this year and included a hybrid version of top model. This is called the Nissan QASHQAI e-POWER Ti.

2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER front quarter 1 It’s priced from around fifty-one and a half thousand dollars, which is a premium of a bit over four thousand dollars over the next petrol-based model.

Like its bigger brother the X-Trail e-power, the QASHQAI is a hybrid with a difference. It drives more like an EV with the 1.5 litre petrol engine used to charge the on-board battery first and provide a backup.

Economy is rated at around 5.2L litre per 100 kilometres and we got a touch over that on our test. It’s also relatively quiet and smooth to drive with reasonable performance.

2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER e pedal

The QASHQAI Ti is quite comfortable inside, with lots of added comfort features. One thing I did like are the heated front seats with a gentle massage function. Also, there is a huge central touch screen, equally large drivers instrument cluster and a clear head up display.

Overall the Nissan QASHQAI hybrid is a welcome addition to the range of smaller Hybrid SUVs.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Brianna Fraser

2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER interior front

Readers can find more details about the QASHQAI e-POWER Ti HERE


2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER interior energy flow

What is good?

  • Zippy and economical
  • Premium interior feel
  • Quiet and smooth ride.

What is not so good?

2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER profile

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2024 Nissan QASHQAI Ti e-POWER rear quarter 1

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