Why Hybrid is better than electric cars.

Hybrid cars VS Electric cars

Hybrid – The latest sales results have been released and one critical result stood out. That was the jump in hybrid sales and decrease in EV sales.

Hybrid car collage

This was mainly on the back of Toyota fulfilling a backlog of hybrid orders.

Despite all the political rhetoric, the resources needed to build electric cars is limited and mining lithium is environmentally damaging.

Toyota has a theory that says it takes the same quantity  of resources to build one long range BEV battery as it does to build 6 PHEVS as it does to build 90 hybrids.

That means that for the same amount of scare resources the 90 hybrid cars effectively reduce 37 times more carbon emissions than one fully electric car.

That’s better for the environment.

Hybrids also are more practical. There is no range anxiety, no waiting for chargers to become free or turning up and they don’t work. No waiting for an hour while the battery charges. It takes about 5 mins to fill up a hybrid and be on your way.  And the infrastructure already exists.

Electric cars have their place, but overall hybrid cars are better for the environment.

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More details on Hybrid cars and EV’s can be found HERE 


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