Snow driving tips for snow and icy conditions

Snow driving tips – This week on our chats about snow driving tips we are talking about just that. How to drive in snow and icy conditions.

snow driving tips

Slow and steady wins the race here. No sudden braking, cornering, or acceleration. If you have snow mode on your transmission, use it. Don’t use cruise control at all.

Keep extra distance between you and the car in front and I simply forget about overtaking.

I always drive with my headlights on and if its particularly snowy, my hazards as well. Keep the heater on the windows to prevent them fogging up.

Keep an eye out for black ice, which is hard. If I can I try to follow someone, but if caught on black ice don’t panic as you will slide so just take you foot off the accelerator and steer into the skid direction. Don’t brake as you will slide even more.

Also, its much harder to see wildlife in snowy conditions, especially early or late in the day.

If its hard for you, imagine how much harder it is for trucks. Keep a safe distance and never cut in front of them.

Next week we chat about what tyres are best to drive in the snow and ice.

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I’m Rob Fraser

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