More snow driving tips – parking your car

Snow driving tips – In the ongoing chats about driving in the snow this year, today we are chatting about parking your car.


First up is always park in marked areas, that way the snow ploughs know where cars are.

Leave the car in gear but don’t put the handbrake on. Park facing slightly downhill or flat of you can. You may chock the wheels if necessary and turn the wheels away from the slope of the road.

If you need to fit snow chains, i.e. a 2WD vehicle, then sometimes its wise to fit them overnight, That way of it snows overnight you don’t need to fit them in the morning.

If you need to put your key in the door handle to open it, cover the lock overnight.

Always remember to lift your wipers.  And when trying to remove ice or snow from the windscreen never use boiling water. Your windscreen could crack instantly.

Instead use slightly warm water and an ice scraper. Don’t try using your wipers. Better still start the engine and put the defroster on while the engine is warming up. This will also allow any snow on the bonnet to slide off.

When driving off do it slowly and be aware of any snow on the roof if you brake.

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Perisher Trip Levorg parking

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