Mazda CX-90 GT SUV Driven 2023

What is the Mazda CX-90 really like

Mazda CX-90 GT – Last week I drove the all-new Mazda CX-90. This is a large family-based SUV that is the platform for future EV models for the brand.     Mazda CX-90 GT profile 1Its also the spearhead of a deliberate push upmarket against the premium brands such as Audi, Genesis, and Lexus.

The CX-90 is big. To gain a perspective of its size its some 19 cm longer in wheelbase than the CX-9.  That’s a lot.

The new Mazda comes in three grades and with a choice of inline 6 cylinder 3.3L mild hybrid petrol or diesel engines. Pricing is from $74,400 through to a hefty $94,500 dollars plus the usual costs.

We drove the mid spec GT model with the petrol engine.

It is stylish, has presence and spacious inside.

The overall ambience is definitely premium with luxury touches everywhere. Seats are supportive and comfortable; drivers positioning is particularly good and there is room for the family behind.

The six-cylinder petrol engine provides plenty of performance and the dynamic handling is what you would expect of a premium SUV. However, the ride is a little harsh on country roads. This is a little disappointing given how good the CX-9 is.

It will be interesting to see if buyers will favour the big Mazda against the likes of a Genesis or Audi.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Mazda CX-90 GT interior front 2

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Quick Mazda CX-90 GT thoughts

What is good?

  • Easy to live with
  • Build quality.
  • Spacious interior

What is not so good?

  • No full Hybrid engine.
  • Not as economical as you think
  • Expensive

Mazda CX-90 GT engine 1

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Mazda CX-90 GT bonnet and grill 1

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The CX-90 GT sits at the upper end of the large SUV segment. It’s a bold move upmarket by Mazda.

Buyers could look towards Nissan Pathfinder Ti-L, Hyundai Palisade Highlander, Genesis GV80, Kia Carnival, Audi Q7, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Kluger,

Mazda CX-90 GT rear quarter 1

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