We drive the Toyota GR Supra GTS 2023

Is the GR Supra any good

Toyota GR Supra GTS – Sometimes listeners I get to drive a car that is designed purely for fun. The Toyota GR Supra GTS is such a car.

2023 Toyota GR Supra GTS 1 Here is a two-door coupe with two seats and a tiny boot space. The style brings mixed reactions from people, love it, or dislike it. I like it.

Inside its tight. I’m 170cm tall and fit comfortably, but my husband is 190cm tall and it’s a squeeze for him. One he is happy to do I have to say.

The Supra GTS is powered by a three-litre inline six-cylinder turbo petrol engine. This is good for 285 kilowatts of power and 500 newton metres of torque. There is an eight speed sports automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.

2023 Toyota GR Supra GTS engine

Performance is good at 4.1 seconds from 0-100kmh and a top speed of 250 kmh. Not that we will ever see that on the road. On a track maybe.

As you would expect the Supra is responsive to driver inputs. Ask it to do something and it does it. Simple.

While the Supra is a lot of fun to drive I’m not sure I could live with it every day. Its for the enthusiasts.

Also there would be very little change from $100,000 dollars to buy it

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Brianna Fraser



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What is good?

  • Still stylish
  • Performance
  • Automatic transmission

What is not so good?

Also look at.

Two door sports cars are a rare beast these days.

Buyers could look at: Nissan ZFord Mustang, Mazda MX-5 GT, Subaru BRZ and Audi RS5 Coupe

It’s a mixed bunch, but choice is limited.

2023 Toyota GR Supra GTS 2

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