Kia EV Strategy – expanded model lineup

Kia electric car strategy revealed

Kia EV Strategy – Like a lot of brands, Kia is growing their models with several EV cars. The current EV6 is perhaps my favourite everyday electric car. Minimalist and functional design, practical range and good driver engagement.

Kia EV Day Lineup

There is the EV9 which is a large SUV, breaking boundaries and will be here soon.

But at a recent EV expo in Korea, Kia revealed plans for more models, the EV3, EV4 and EV5.

Kia Concept EV3 front

The EV3 concept is a compact SUV that is ideal for inner city urban streets.

EV4 brings an unusual design to electric sedans which redefines what is possible is style.

And the EV5 is a mid-sized SUV designed for millennial families.

Al of these embrace sustainable production techniques and extensive use of recycled materials.

By using sustainably grown products like Mycelium and Hemp Kia is doing more for the environment on a broad scale. Details matter, such as having the carpets made from 100% recycled PET or even a portion from recycle fishing nets.

Kia is demonstrating its commitment to minimize its impact on the environment when producing vehicles with the introduction of 10 must-have sustainable items for all new Kia model lines.

Dare I say it, the future looks electric at Kia

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Kia Concept EV4 profile


Kia EV5 front 1

Kia EV Strategy quick highlights

  • Kia presents global EV strategy at ‘EV Day’, set to be held annually
  • Acceleration of ‘EV revolution’ with expanded EV model line-up and charging infrastructure growth
  • Kia unveils three new small- to medium-sized electric models
  • The Kia EV5: Production electric compact SUV designed to meet needs of millennial families
  • The Kia Concept EV3: Kia’s vision for an electric compact SUV that’s both practical and joyful to drive
  • The Kia Concept EV4: Redefines the electric sedan shaped by ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy
  • Kia to elevate customer experience with integrated app, offline hubs, and generative AI technology
  • The full Kia EV Strategy can be found HERE 

Kia Australia local statement

The Kia EV5 has been confirmed for Australia and will arrive during 2024.  Further details will be provided in due course.

Kia Concept EV4 front

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