Toyota LandCruiser LC79 Series Ute reasons not to buy

Don't buy a LC79 Series Ute until you read this

Toyota LandCruiser LC79 Series single Cab Chassis 4WD Ute – Last week I had the latest Toyota LC79 series single cab Ute for a week.

Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute front grill and bonnet 2 I’ve written a lot about it over the last few months, so for today I thought I would mention the top three reason why I wouldn’t buy it and top three reason why I would.

First reason not to buy are the ridiculous external rear view mirrors. To be honest these are just crap. They are manually adjusted, get knocked in car parks all the time and shake loose.

Toyota come up with some mumbo jumbo about why they need to be there, but honestly that’s rubbish as you can easily buy aftermarket ones.

The second reason not to buy is that there is no reverse camera. Seriously in a vehicle such as this that is a recipe for disaster. It has a long tray and its hard to know where the edges are.

Third reason not o buy is the price. No matter what version you buy,  you are looking at way north of $80,000 and that’s just ridiculous.

Now reasons to buy.

Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute 4 cylinder engine

First reason is that the new 4-cylinder engine is better than the old V8 in 99.9% of situations and comes with a six speed AT, along with a host of extra driver aids and safety features.

Second reason is that this is the toughest work Ute on the market. It’s built like a tank.

Third reason to buy one is that it comes with a large tray, almost 1400kg of payload and will tow 3500kg with ease.

Lets throw in a fourth reason to buy, off road they are awesome, almost unstoppable.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series WorkMate Single Cab Chassis

Readers can find more details about the LC79 Series HERE 


Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute front grill and bonnet1

What is good?

  • New 4 Cylinder engine with AT
  • 4wd and towing capability
  • Payload

What is not so good?

  • Ridiculous price
  • Manual external mirror adjustment
  • No reverse camera

Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute front seats

Instead of the LC79 Series buyers could also Look At

The Toyota LandCruiser Ute in Single Cab Chassis form, almost stands alone as a work Ute. This is because of its price and payload.

Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute profile with load 1

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Toyota LandCruiser single cab chassis Ute rear quarter 1

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