Top five annoying driving habits survey revisited

Annoying driving habits- Today we are chatting about a recent survey we did on our website AnyAuto, where we asked what the most annoying driving habits are for readers.

Keep left sign Annoying driving habits

Number five annoying driving habits was a surprise. Drivers that can’t park in between the lines in car parks. Apparently, the car space lines are merely suggestions as to where to park for some people.

Number four is drivers that do 70kmh in a 90kmh zone then keep doing 70kmh when it changes to 60kmh. Driving slowly and safely are often two different things.

Number three is P Plate drivers restricted to 80 or 90 kmh on the freeway. Survey responders felt that this was extremely dangerous for the P Plate driver and other drivers.

Number two annoying driving habits is drivers that don’t indicate left in roundabouts We’ve all been there stopping for a car on our right only to have them zip around left without an indicator. Its frustrating and illegal.

And finally, the top spot, number one annoying driving habit is drivers that fail to move over. They stay in the right-hand lane on motorways or dual lane roads and clog up the flow of traffic.

Yes, listeners there are a lot of bad drivers out there. That’s why a lot of caution and respect goes a long way for all of us to be safer drivers.

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