Should I put Winter tyres on my car for the snow

Are winter tyres necessary in Australia –  with Winter rapidly approaching we discuss whether winter tyres are necessary or not 


Today we chat about snow driving tips.

Specialised winter tyres are made slightly differently to other tyres, they have a higher level of natural rubber, different tread patterns and tiny grooves to improve traction.

If you are spending 100% of your time in the snow then they may be worthwhile.

But they don’t last as well in normal conditions, that’s why they aren’t so popular in Australia with a short snow season.

An All Terrain tyre would be the best tyre. All terrain tyres have similar qualities to winter tyres and are better for the 95% of your time spent under normal conditions.

As with all tyres there is a lot of choice even in all terrains. There are more road-based styles and others with more aggressive deeper treads and side lugs.


For my Pajero I chose Bridgestone Dueler A/T D697 LT. These are a great balance between majority road based use, some heavy duty off road work and the occasional snow trip.

They have deep tread to clear the snow with groves for better traction. All terrain tyres have a high rubber content. While compliant they are heavily cut and chip resistant.

Even with the best tyres though, driving in the snow can be dangerous so always be careful

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