Projecta Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Projecta Semi-Flexible Solar Panels – In our ongoing chats about Christmas ideas. Today we have something for the adventurous amongst us. Projecta has unveiled a new range of Semi-Flexible Solar Panels, for adventurers.

Projecta Semi Flexible Solar Panels 1

These functional solar panels are ideal where it’s crucial to travel light and compact.

The new 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are available in two models. A 12V 100W (SPF100-MC4) unit which is perfect to service small and medium appliances. Or a larger 12V 180W variant (SPF180-MC4). This is ideal to charge the battery banks servicing multiple or large appliances.

These compact panels feature high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that more effectively convert sunlight to power.

They have a maximum 400mm folding radius. This means they are ideal for temporarily mounting to the caravan, boat, motorhome, four-wheel drive, or other vehicle.

If you want to have a more permanent fitting, then they also come with a durable rubber adhesive backing. In the right conditions can stay mounted for up to 20 years.

The panels’ light weight, no more than 3.5kg. Which makes them easy to handle when fitting. While barely adding to the weight of the vehicle. And for ease of use, the range is pre-fitted with MC4 type connectors.

Its always a problem when you are away from a mains power supply to keep your batteries charged or power the appliances that make camping more comfortable.

Projecta semi flexible solar panels are priced at $770 for the 100W model and $1144 for the 180W model and can be found at most camping or 4WD shops.

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Projecta Semi Flexible Solar Panels 1


Projecta Semi Flexible Solar Panels 1

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