NVES – Government New Vehicle Efficiency Standards

Will the NVES destroy the car industry in Asutralia

New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES). – There has been a lot of talk recently around the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES). 


The present government is looking to introduce tighter rules around what style of cars can be sold in Australia.

Essentially, they are placing the responsibility on the manufacturers. They have to come up with a product mix that meets their pre-determined emission standards across all models sold.

Like a lot of government initiatives, the idea may have some merit, but the implementation has almost zero basis of practicality.

I’m all for a cleaner environment, but the practical implementation of any of the government options won’t achieve that.

All it will do is make cars more expensive. It may also see a few manufacturers stop selling cars in Australia as a result.

What we are seeing here is an ideological proposal put together by boffins. They are out of touch with the realities of everyday living in Australia.

The government must do Cost benefit analysis for any change. The proposed New Vehicle Emissions Standard simply doesn’t make the cut.

If you want a say, you can make a comment on the government site, the link is in the article on our site. More discussion is needed before we make changes. Changes, that may place further financial hardship on everyday Australians.

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Readers can find more details about the NVES  HERE 


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