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Everything you need to know about Melbourne EV Show

EV Show – With all the publicity surrounding electric cars, its no wonder the recent Melbourne EV Expo was well attended.

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Held over the weekend of 22-24 September, the EV Expo was an opportunity for interested buyers to have a close look at many vehicles at the one time.

Many of the key EV Brands were there including Audi, Peugeot, Kia, Lexus, Polestar, Cupra and more. Some were noticeable by their absence, such as BYD and Tesla, although there was an owners stand.

By all accounts it was a success with many manufacturers reporting a lot of interest. This is all part of the ongoing education of the buying public about EVs and their place in the automotive landscape.

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Along with EV manufacturers the expo was well supported by businesses involved in charging outlets and energy .

One interesting aspect was the number of stands showcasing electric scooters and motorbikes, as well as bicycles, skateboard and stand-up scooters. In all the discussions about electric cars, these viable alternatives are often overlooked.

Unfortunately, the yearly Motor Shows have died off in recent years, but they may be resurrected in this new format now.

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