Lexus GX 4WD coming to Australia mid 2024

When is the Lexus GX coming to Australia

Lexus GX – Lexus has announced it will be bringing the GX range of 4WDs to Australia around mid-2024. The GX is the Lexus version of the all-new Toyota Prado.

Lexus GX model range

The GX will come in three models.

Entry model is the GX 550 Luxury, then the GX Sport Luxury. For those who want to take their expensive Lexus off road there is the GX 550 Overtrail, that sits between those models.

As you would expect all models are well equipped with luxury, comfort, and safety features, just more of them on the Sport Luxury.

The Overtrail will come with 4WD specific features such as:

  • electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (eKDSS)
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS),
  • a rear locking differential
  • 18-inch alloys and
  • 5 seat configurations.

Power is provided by the same 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine. This  produces 260kW of power, and a handy 650Nm of torque. There is a full time 4WD system with low range and a smooth 10 speed AT. This has a manual shift mode and the ability to start in second gear in slippery conditions.

Towing capacity is 3500kg on Luxury and Overtrail models, and 3130kg on Sports Luxury.

Australian customers may select from seven exterior colours for the Luxury and Sports Luxury, while Overtrail is offered with two single-colour finishes and four two-tone colours featuring a black roof.

More details and pricing will be available closer to the launch dates.

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Lexus GX model interior


Lexus GX model overtrail 1

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