Best of 2023 – Cupra Leon VZx Hatch review

Is the Cupra Leon the same as a VW Golf

Cupra Leon VZx hatch – A few weeks ago, I drove the Cupra Formentor, last week I drove the Leon VZx. This is a small sporty hatchback style car.

Cupra Leon VZx front grill and bonnet 1

For those that don’t really know much about the Cupra brand, its an offshoot of VW. And the Leon is like the Golf.

Now the VZx model is the sports version with a healthy 221 kilowatts of power and 400 Newton metres of torque running through a seven-speed direct shift gearbox driving the front wheels.

Its reasonably quick at a time of 5.7 seconds from 0-100kmh. It also happens to be economical as well. This is a good combination.

What is more impressive is how it drives. It’s relaxed around town but transforms when asked. This is a car that is fun to drive. Its responds well and driver engagement is excellent.

Inside its comfortable and familiar to anyone that knows what a VW looks like. There are many shared parts. The flat bottom steering wheel feels great, and the sports style seats are supportive.

Rear seats are a bit tight and boot space is aimed more for two people.

The Cupra Leon VZx is priced from $65,690 dollars plus the usual costs. This is a few thousand dollars less than its VW sister. But the VW has a slightly different engine tune. Overall I really enjoyed the time in the Cupra. They have something different about them.

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I’m Brianna Fraser

Cupra Leon VZx front interior


Cupra Leon VZx profile

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