We drive the Kia Seltos GT-Line

Is the Kia Seltos any good

Seltos GT-Line – Kia introduced the smaller Seltos SUV a few years ago and it became instantly popular. While there are a few choices available in drivetrain, engine, and model levels, last week I drove the top model the GT-Line.

Kia Seltos GT-Line driving 1 The Seltos is a little bit smaller than the Sportage, but spacious inside. It also has clever styling.

Inside the GT-Line you get everything you want. It comes with little luxuries like heated and cooled front seats, heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, and wireless charging tray for smartphones.

The front seats are particularly comfortable. Rear seat can be a little tight for taller passengers, but boot room is spacious.

For the driver there is a large driver instrument panel and integrated central touch screen. It’s all rather splendid.

Kia Seltos GT-Line 1.6t ENGINE

The GT-Line comes with a 1.6L turbo petrol engine that combines good fuel economy with enough performance. It also comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive capability.

Being the top model, the Seltos GT-Line comes with the full package of safety features from Kia.

Overall, the Kia Seltos GT-Line is quite impressive and manages to get the balance right between size, performance, and practicality for an urban runabout.

Priced from around $45,000 plus the usual costs its also good value.

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I’m Brianna Fraser

Kia Seltos GT-Line transmission drive mode and heated seats controls


More Seltos GT-Line thoughts

  • Seltos is an ideal size for the balance between urban runabout and for longer trips.
  • The GT-Line comes with a heap of bling which makes it more comfortable.
  • It also comes with the full suite of safety features.
  • Inside its spacious (for its size)
  • I like the integrated dash with the centrals screen seamlessly blending with the drivers’ instruments.
  • Wireless phone charging is good. Wired connectivity needs updating. The base model gets it and Kia have explained why but still.
  • Front occupants are well catered for.
  • Rear seat room is good for this class of vehicle.
  • Boot is a good size.
  • The GT Line has the clever and sporty 1.6L Turbo petrol engine, AWD, and an 8 speed AT.
  • This is a zippy and economical combination.
  • There are three selectable drive modes, Eco Normal and Sport. Along with the AWD system
  • It comes with Kia’s seven-year owner benefit package.

Kia Seltos GT-Line technology compilation 1

What is good?

  • Appealing styling and practical design
  • Zippy and economical
  • Interior comfort and driving position.

What is not so good?

  • It’s a few years old now and some rivals have surpassed it.
  • Kia nanny warning sounds drive you batty.
  • No full-size spare tyre

Kia Seltos GT-Line interior front 2

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Kia Seltos GT-Line front quarter 2

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Kia Seltos GT-Line profile

Kia Seltos GT-Line final thoughts

When the Seltos first was released, it set the pace in the segment. It is now a few years older and in some ways it shows.

However, the GT-Line is still a practical, fun, and safe urban style SUV.

Its size sits somewhere between segments. Spacious inside and compact outside its not wonder it’s so popular.

I really liked the Kia Seltos GT-Line.

Kia Seltos GT-Line rear quarter 1

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