We drive the Hyundai Staria people mover van 2024

Hyundai Staria road test review

Hyundai Staria – People mover style vans have become more than a box on wheels. Nothing demonstrates this more than the Hyundai Staria.

Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre diesel front quarter 1

Its edgy design creates discussion and tends to polarise people.

However, setting looks aside the Staria provides plenty of room inside for up to eight passengers, all with adequate room. The top model Highlander is packed with comfort and safety features.

It comes in a choice of three different specification levels, two engine choices and either AWD or FWD depending on engine choice.

Engines are either a smooth and economical 2.2L diesel or a powerful 3.5L V6 petrol engine. Both come with the 8 Sp sports AT from the Hyundai/Kia group.

More importantly the Staria rides and handles like an SUV, which comes from the fact that it sits on the same platform as the Palisade, Sorento, Carnival etc. Not bad for a people mover.

Pricing is from $49,000 through to $60,000 plus the usual costs.

Overall the Hyundai Staria provides a worthy choice for larger families that don’t want opr need a larger 4WD and want more space.

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Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre diesel interior front 1

Readers can find more details about the Hyundai Staria HERE


More Hyundai Staria thoughts 

Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre diesel engine

What is good?

  • 2.2L Diesel power and economy
  • Spacious interior
  • SUV like ride and handling

What is not so good?

  • Polarising style
  • Seats folding not really practical
  • Cumbersome in tight car parks

Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre interior layout compilation

Quick notes

  • Everywhere I went people commented on its design.
  • Comes in both petrol and diesel. My preference is diesel as it comes with AWD
  • The AWD diesel and the 8 Sp AT is a well proven combination in the Hyundai group.
  • It rides and handles like an SUV
  • But its definitely a people mover van for steering, go through the corner before turning.
  • Its awkward to reverse park in suburban car parks.
  • Front seats are comfortable
  • Middle seats are slightly bench style. Third row needs middle row slid forward for leg room
  • There is no facility for third row child seat attachment.
  • Middle row seats have USB ports and self controlled A/C
  • Seat folding isn’t practical, and nowhere as good as the Kia Carnival. The rear door opens nice and high for weather cover.
  • Comes with wireless smart phone connectivity and charging tray – that’s practical.
  • Base model Staria misses a couple of safety features
  • Base model also misses out on auto tailgate and the anti jamming features as well.

Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre diesel profile

Instead of the Hyundai Staria buyers could also Look At

Large van style people movers are more popular now especially as most are built on SUV platforms. However the segment is dominated by the Kia Carnival. Other options include: VW Multivan, Toyota Granvia, LDV Mifa.

Hyundai Staria 8 seat 2.2 litre diesel rear quarter 1

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