We drive the Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition from Mitsubishi

Is the Eclipse Cross any good

LS Black Edition – Mitsubishi updated their Eclipse Cross range in February this year and introduced the LS Black edition at that time.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition front grill and bonnet The LS Black Edition sits right in the middle of the range and is priced from $35,490 plus the usual costs.

It comes in Two-wheel drive version with a 1.5L 4-cylinder petrol engine and a CVT. It has reasonable performance and economy.

The LS Black Edition comes with additional safety features, black highlights everywhere on the outside, including 18-inch alloy wheels. It also benefits from lots of black inside but the best feature for me is the heated front seats. The driver’s seat also has electric adjustments.

The Eclipse Cross is a good size urban based SUV. Its priced well and comes with lots of features. It’s easy and comfortable to drive around town. Parking is a breeze.

But its also large enough for two people to go on extended weekend trips or holidays with enough room for their luggage.

The Eclipse Cross also comes in a PHEV version, which adds the benefit of daily EV only driving.

All up there are some 20 plus versions of the Eclipse Cross so its easy to find one that suits you.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition profile

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition details

The Eclipse cross was updated earlier in 2023. At this time they introduced the LS Black Edition as a separate model.

Production for 23MY Eclipse Cross commences from January 2022, with first deliveries expected from March 2023.

Some general thoughts about the LS Black Edition

  • Good exterior design
  • Interior starting to feel dated
  • Infotainment connectivity and technology also feeling dated
  • The extra bling looks good
  • Especially inside its noticeable
  • I appreciated the heated front seats
  • Its quite spacious inside and practical.
  • The dash layout works well and is easy to read and understand
  • There is an upright ‘tall’ seating position for the driver
  • Plenty of storage and cupholders, but the slot for the phone isn’t big enough for larger phones
  • Rear seats are spacious and comfortable
  • Boot is generous
  • There is only a space saver tyre though.
  • 8.0 inch central screen has good clarity
  • Wired smart phone connectivity
  • No inbuilt GPS on the LS though.
  • Overall, its easy and comfortable to zip around town in

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition front interior 1

What is good?

  • Good value for money
  • Technology easy to use.
  • Ideal urban runabout with room and practicality

What is not so good?

  • Starting to show its age.
  • Good at most things not great
  • Not engaging to drive

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition engine

Also look at.

The Eclipse Cross sits in a competitive small/medium SUV segment.

crosses a few categories. full on AWD SUV, family wagon or city runabout.

Buyers could look towards Mazda CX-30, Kia Seltos, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota Corolla Cross, Nissan QASHQAI, Citroen C4 and Haval Jolion

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition central screen 1

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black final thoughts

The LS Black edition goes a long way to freshen up an ageing design.

Its good value for money and bring some style and flair to an otherwise normal SUV.

Around town its zippy enough as well as frugal.

Inside the Black bling adds comfort.

The LS Black Edition feels good at everything, great at nothing. Its reliable and robust but not outstanding. That’s why they sell so well I guess.

Overall, the LS Black Edition is an ideal urban SUV for a couple or single that wants some extra room and practicality.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS Black Edition rear quarter 1

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