We drive the Audi S8 Quattro 2023 Review

Is the Audi S8 any good

Audi S8 – Last week I had the privilege of driving the luxurious Audi S8. We drove the Audi A8 a few weeks ago and the differences between both are subtle and distinct.

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 front grill 1 Large Premium Saloons are few and far between these days. The Audi S8 comes with a 4.0-litre TFSI V8 engine producing a power of 420kW and 800Nm of torque. Combine this with Quattro drive and an eight speed Tiptronic transmission. This will catapult the S8 from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds, before reaching a limited top speed of 250 km/h.

But the sports Audi saloon is more than numbers alone. It’s absolutely packed with everything Audi can put in there for performance, luxury, comfort, and safety.

It’s also deceptively quick. It’s so quiet, so powerful, so fast and so stable, that on the freeway you find yourself looking down and it feels like it’s driving 30 or 40 kmh less than you actually are.

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 V8 engine

There is also a bit of a split personality. The big V8 will happily potter around town without fuss. However, select Dynamic drive mode, switch the transmission to sport and feel the beast being released.

When you consider what you need to spend to get anything even close to the big Audi , its surprisingly good value at around $273,000 plus options and the usual costs.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 profile 2

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Audi S8 Quattro 2023 front interior 1

What is good?

  • Elegant and subtle design
  • Comfortable and sumptuous interior
  • Refined Performance motoring
What is not so good?
  • Can feel large in small suburban car parks.
  • No full size spare
  • Audi pre sense can be a touch intrusive

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 front grill 3

Also look at.

The big Audi S8 sits in rarefied air.

Big luxury Sports saloons, once the pinnacle of luxury, are now for the chosen few.

Buyers could look at the Lexus LS500Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes Benz S450, BMW 740I, or even the Genesis G80.

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 Interior features 2 4 pic

Audi S8 Final thoughts

The Audi S8 definitely has an edge to it.

The A8 felt like you were floating on a cushion of air. The S8 feels slightly firmer and focused.

Its big yet subtle and stylish. I actually like the design, even though its a touch conservative.

Sumptuous interior cocoons the occupants.

The S8 personifies the sports saloon. Deceptively fast, quiet yet with a delicious exhaust note.

This is a cross country tourer with excellent driver engagement.

With a split personality, it will cruise effortlessly and comfortably around town. Yet select dynamic on the drive mode, place the transmission in sports and sit back and let rip.

It heralds a past era where the big sports saloon was the pinnacle of motoring. I sometimes miss those days.

I love it and its dam near perfect.

Audi S8 Quattro 2023 rear 2

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