We chat about the growing choices for EV work vans and Utes

Are electric delivery vans any good

EV work vans – Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk from the press about the EV revolution. Well, its been hyped more than its actually happening, but in some segments there has been some progress.

e delivery vans

The work Van segment has seen several clever and practical all electric vans appear as choices for buyers.

Its in this segment that the EV choice may just prove practical and popular.

Last year we saw the introduction of two smaller inner city style delivery vans. The Peugeot e-Partner as well as the Renault Kangoo E-Tech. Both of these are smaller style vans, with a range around the 250 to 280km mark. This is ideal if you are using the vans for local runs and can have a base charge system during the day or overnight.

They are small, nimble, and practical for inner city work.

Moving u from that the Chinese have taken a stance with the LDV e-Deliver9 and now the LDV e-Deliver7. Both are mid to large electric vans that don’t compromise cargo capacity. ‘

Renault Master E-TECH Electric, Ford E-Transit long wheelbase van and the Mercedes Benz  eVito Panel Van. Larger commercial vans with reasonable range.

Hyundai has the Mighty electric truck, a mid sized work truck that can be driven on a car license.

All up the commercial work vans and Utes are fertile ground for electric vehicles and we will see more of them this coming year

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