Toyota Supra GT 2020 Review – Motoring Minute – Episode #6

Supra GT – Today we have the perfect sports car for someone that is not larger than the average bear,  the Toyota Supra GT


Toyota Supra was launched in late 2019 and is a cousin to the BMW Z4 sharing engine, transmission and well pretty much everything.

Coming in two models the Supra GTS and the Supra GT ,  the difference is basically a bit of bling, larger wheels and upgraded infotainment system.

It comes with a smooth 3.0L inline 6 cylinder turbo petrol engine, 8 speed sports transmission, rear wheel drive, selectable drive modes, launch control and an electronically controlled LSD.

With 250kw and 500 Nm on tap it will go from 0-100kmh in 4.3 seconds and top out at a limited 250kmh. The engine crackle is also music to the ears.

It looks stunning, goes like a rocket, is awesome fun to drive but is really designed for someone smaller than me. It is an uncompromising 2 seat sports car with just enough room for a couple of soft bags for a weekend away.

At around $84,500 plus the usual costs it’s also a performance bargain. Just don’t buy one as a daily driver, keep it for the weekend and find a nice bit of twisty mountain road and enjoy life.

I’m Rob Fraser

Few more Supra GT details

Toyota Supra, a joint development with BMW Z4, continues the sports car heritage dating back to 1967 with the 2000GT.

Launched in September 2019, the latest variation has shaken off any previous misconceptions and is an uncompromising sports car that spearheads Toyota’s new GAZOO Racing performance brand as its first global model that was developed in collaboration with the brand’s motorsports arm.

Coming in two models the Supra GTS and the Supra GT that we have for test. The difference is basically a bit of bling, larger wheels and upgraded infotainment system. What does the Supra GT look like?

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