Toyota Prado Kakadu Horizon 2020 – Motoring Minute – Episode #8

Toyota Prado Horizon is a limited edition top spec model of the popular Prado. It is aimed at those buyers that really only use it around town and the occasional weekend excursion. 

Toyota Prado Kakadu Horizon is the ultimate Prado costing around $89,590 which could be a touch problematic because it will nearly get you into a GXL Landcruiser 200 Series.

However, not everyone wants or needs a vehicle the size of a ‘Cruiser so this top of the line Prado could be tempting especially if you don’t necessarily want to tow a small town.

The Horizon driven had the lower output 130kW/450Nm 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine and would benefit from having the newer 150kW/500Nm power plant especially when towing.

However, as a go anywhere, ridgey didge, fourbie touring wagon, you can’t look past the Prado.

It has adequate performance and good fuel economy and makes an ideal back blocks touring vehicle which is precisely what we did in the test vehicle.

Covid restrictions

Covid restricted us to NSW so we did a 3000km road trip to “The Corner”, back through Lightening Ridge then down through Armidale, South West Rocks and back to Sydney.

We weren’t towing which gave us access to plenty of remote scenic places along dirt tracks and roads which the Prado traversed without any trouble at all.

Comfy too as the supple adaptive air suspension soaked up potholes and ripples as if they weren’t there.

The test car had an under mounted spare which cuts tank capacity to about 90 litres. Personally, I would go for the tailgate mounted spare with a 150 litre tank.

The latest Prado scores a raft of advanced driver assist tech’ some of which is too intrusive but can be switched off.

We didn’t need the third row, cream leather or the middle row DVD players but they are in the Horizon package.

That package adds about six grand to Kakadu’s price and consists of mainly dress-up parts I and a few bits and pieces. It makes this model arguably the best looking Prado ever…in my opinion.

Quick Prado Horizon recap

Toyota has dressed up its top-of-the-range Prado with the launch of a Prado Kakadu Horizon special edition featuring more external bling. Priced from $89,590 plus the usual costs, the Horizon adds a front bumper spoiler and bling for the rear bumper, chrome side moulding and mirror covers, metallic/pearl paint finish, clear rear combination lights and an exclusive Horizon badge…

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