Subaru WRX Club Spec now available

WRX Club Spec – Subaru has announced that it is bringing back the Club Spec as a limited edition. There will be only 150 vehicles available.

Subaru WRX Club Spec 2024 front quarter It comes with the same engine as the WRX but is available in six speed manual only.

However, there are a range of both performance enhancing additions as well as some cosmetic upgrades.

These include.

  • Recaro front seats,
  • Matte Grey finish 19-inch alloy wheels with high performance Bridgestone Potenza S007 tyres,
  • 6 piston Brembo front brakes,
  • 2 piston Brembo rear brakes,
  • ventilated and drilled front and rear brake discs and
  • specifically tuned steering and suspension.
  • a prominent large STI style rear spoiler,
  • an exterior rear  badge,
  • and an internal ‘Club Spec’ badge with a unique vehicle number out of the total 150 produced.

Priced at $52,590 plus the usual costs the limited-edition 2024 WRX Club Spec is available for order now.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Subaru WRX Club Spec 2024 interior

Readers can find full details of the WRX Club Spec HERE


Subaru WRX Club Spec 2024 rally

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