Kia Carnival – Why it is so good for a family

Kia Carnival – Just last week I went to Melbourne for the Australian Open Tennis. This coincided with the launch of the latest Sorento model.

Kia Carnival Platinum exterior front 1 Kia had graciously organised a transport from the airport to the Hotel. The vehicle was a Kia Carnival.

Regular listeners will realise that I am a big fan of the Carnival. It rides and handles like an SUV, has an abundance of room inside and the latest model has quite sleek styling.

The vehicle we had for the trip was fa few years old and had some 300,000 plus kilometres on it. I was talking to the driver and asked him if he liked it. He told me he had just ordered another one and two Sorento’s for his business.

Here is a driver whose business is all about passenger comfort and he uses the Kia daily.

On the reverse trip we had another Carnival, but a different driver. On this trip we had some other passengers as well. Now here is where the practicality of the Carnival shines. The rear boot space soaked up the luggage of five adults without fuss.

As a motoring Journalist I rarely get to be a passenger, and almost never in the third-row seats. So, I volunteered to sit in the back. I’m 190cm tall and built larger than the average bear. I fitted easily. Plenty of head room, knee, and leg room. And the ride was smooth and comfortable. Getting in and out for someone my size certainly won’t win any elegance awards, but it served the purpose.

There is a reason why the Carnival is the dominant selling vehicle in the family wagon. Its that good.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser.

Kia Carnival Platinum interior front 1

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Kia Carnival Platinum exterior rear 1

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