Are American Pickup style trucks any good.

Pickup Trucks – Today listeners I’m chatting about something that may divide opinions. I get to drive all sorts of cars in this hobby of mine. Normal passenger cars, lots of SUVs and 4WDs. Many Electric cars and SUVs. Some exotic sports cars and the newer breed of American style Pickup trucks.

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Most listeners will know I am a big 4WD fan, but I have a confession to make.

I love BIG American style Pickup trucks. I love almost everything about them. They are big, usually with powerful V8 engines, huge interior space, massive tub capacity and can tow up to 4500kg with ease.

There simply aren’t any other vehicles that will seat 5 people my size in comfort. I can sit behind myself in the driver seat and my knees don’t even touch the seatback. There is plenty of head room and I have sat in the back of a few of them for hours on end in comfort.

Over the last few weeks, I have driven a couple of RAM 1500 models. And yes, I am a big fan. But it isn’t only them. I love the Ford F150, Chev Silverado 1500, and the Toyota Tundra. And if Nissan brought the Titan here, I would love that as well.

There is a downside though. Suburban car parks are a worry and sometimes its difficult to fit in the tiny spaces allocated, That’s a small price to pay.

Also, when you compare the price to other premium 4WDs and SUVs they are similar and in many cases there is no comparison for features and performance.

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser



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